IPS have visited numerous sites over the years and have employed various techniques to help improve our customer IT security. We have outlined our top five tips here for better password security
  • Don’t show your password – No matter how secure a password you have. It is useless if you post it for all to see on a note stuck to your monitor with tape, or written on a note on your desk!


  • Use a good password – Do not use a simple password such as ‘password’, ‘12345’, ‘anotherpassword’, ‘blank’. Do not use names of pets, wives or children or common words. Use a good mix of numbers, letters and characters for your password.


  • Different Passwords – Do not use the same password for everything. Sounds obvious, but happens a lot! Use unique passwords for sensitive accounts.


  • Default passwords – If you get a new piece of equipment such as a router, wifi point, printer, baby monitor, CCTV system. Make sure you change the default password. A simple search online is all it takes and someone can get the default password and login.


  • Lock your system – If you leave your device, lock it. For a windows PC, the windows key and L will do it, and on a Mac select Control + Shift + Eject. You never know who may come in behind you.


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