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IT Support Services

IPS work with clients to provide Information Technology support to meet their requirements. We offer our customers a responsive, comprehensive and competitive service covering all areas of IT support, we have outlined some of our main services below;

PC Support

IPS can work on both laptop and desktop personal computers for clients. We can source new PCs and equipment, repair PCs, remove viruses and spyware, connect them to existing networks, configure remote access and email, purchase and install software, upgrade machines and carry out hardware repairs. Over the years we have established a trusted network of suppliers and contacts that provide IPS with an excellent supply chain for our clients. We can provide resources for any job no matter how big or small that may be.

Apple MAC Support

Apple computers have come a long way from the Apple “I” developed in 1971 to the sleek new macs that we are familiar with today.

Traditionally the Apple MAC has been used for years by the majority of photographers and publishers, however with the advent of the iPod, the iTouch, the iPhone and other devices the use of MAC machines for office work and home use has started to rise.

IPS can help connect your MAC to existing network systems, setup email, install applications etc. We can fix and reformat machines, restore them if an error has occurred and reinstall any specific software or hardware devices.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source Definition
Open source, simply put, is programming code that is free to copy, modify and distribute to anyone that wishes to use it.

There are numerous Open Source packages available and the list keeps growing. Often these programmes provide useful tools or in a lot of cases a suitable alternative to software that the client may otherwise have to buy.

The secret with any Open Source solution is to ensure that the product is secure, reliable, and regularly updated. IPS monitor, test and use Open Source solutions when suitable in order to keep client costs to a minimum.