IT Hardware & Software

At IPS we have built up a portfolio of reliable partners including accounts with major wholesalers across the UK and Ireland. This means we can provide both hardware & software products to our clients.

No Shopping Around
We can take the hassle out of shopping around different wholesalers looking for hardware or software you need, trying to get the best price. Let us do the hard work for you, we can even configure the software on your device beforehand.

Cant find what you need?
IPS will create a PC and servers to your specification and customise the build based on what you need. We already save our clients money by building custom PC’s to suit their individual needs whether that’s for AutoCAD, graphic design, Display monitors or even a gaming PC.

Our Partners

Wired and Wireless Networks

Most companies require a secure and reliable computer network in order to connect computers, servers and devices together and to provide fast Internet access. It can be wired, wireless or more commonly, a combination of both.

IPS can provide advice, configure or upgrade existing networks and install a new network infrastructure to suit the needs of your company. We are experienced in dealing with small businesses with simple setups and also large complicated network infrastructures as found in multi-story buildings.

What do I need?
There are numerous networking products on the market place, however, if not configured correctly they can open your network to security vulnerabilities. IPS will not only help you pick the solution most suited to your needs but we will also ensure that your network is safe and secure.

WiFi for visitors

With the use of smart phones and tablets on the increase, your customers expect WiFi available at your location. This means that your WiFi network needs to be secure and isolated in order to protect your business network.

In Northern Ireland many establishments don’t have any security in place, they issue their router WiFi password to clients without thinking of the consequences. This allows any visitor to look up anything they wish or download content that is inappropriate or illegal and worse it can be traced back to your premises.

WiFi Solution
IPS have a wide range of WiFi solutions to help meet your client requirements for WiFi whilst making sure that your network is safe. Please see the article below for an installation for one of our clients based in Hillsborough.

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