Cyber Security
We had the great opportunity of attending a cyber security networking event at Ormeau Baths  hosted by Tech Belfast Advocates.
The event featured a talk on security from Jamie Woodruff a white hat hacker, social engineer and all round cyber security expert. Jamie is known for having successfully hacked Facebook as part of a student competition at Bangor University. He has since uncovered security holes in numerous high-profile operations, including Kim Kardashian’s website, which he hacked to reveal that it was putting her fans’ data at serious risk.
The event was a great eye opener and solidified our continued efforts to help our clients be safer and more secure online with their company data. As you can imagine the first line of thought for most companies is expensive firewalls and complicated security systems to make sure that the data is protected from potential hackers. However one of the most over-looked aspects of security is the staff at the front end of your company. If you don’t educate your employees on what threats to be aware of, the measures you have in place can become obsolete.
At IPS we understand that not everyone is “tech savvy” or  aware of the latest threats, that’s why we make it our job to educate our clients and help them avoid situations that could compromise their network.
If you think we could help or if you would like to know more about cyber security call us today.