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Social Media

How can Social Media help me?

By understanding the various options available through free social media marketing sites companies can create a powerful but yet low cost promotion strategy.

These sites allow the sharing of opinions and customer experiences on companies, products and services. These websites are usually not moderated or censored and customers can critically assess products, companies and services in a positive or negative way.

There are several categories of social media site that can be used such as;

> Business networks (Linkedin, Sunzu etc.),
> Social networks (Facebook, MySpace etc.),
> Blogs (many online journals),
> Wikis (best know Wikipedia, WikiBooks etc.),
> Podcasts (iTunes, BBC, Guardian, etc.),
> Forums and
> Content communities (Flickr, YouTube etc.).

These sites make it much easier and faster for people to find information, inspiration, like minded people and help to share ideas. So why not speak to us to start your marketing today.