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Industrial Process Systems

Industrial Process Systems

Industrial Process Systems is a team of engineers, technicians and craftsmen have a strong track record in plant engineering for industrial, manufacturing and the process industries. Over the past twenty years there has been a steady growth in the application of pre-assembled units, sometimes called modules, or skids. We have extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of industrial infrastructure, i.e., site utilities, manufacturing plant, and process systems.

Project Type: Integrated Management System & Project Management
Client: Industrial Process Systems
Release Date: January, 2010
Technologies Used: Cloud Solutions

Industrial Process Systems is the sister company of Integral Project Services. In 2009 the decision was made to push for various ISO standards. Jonathan proceeded by creating the manuals, setting up the company procedures and taking the staff through the required training to push for the audit to achieve the standards. Industrial Process Systems successfully achieved ISO 9001, 15,001, & 18, 001. Integral Project Services continue to use Cloud solutions to maintain theses standards.