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Bike Pure

Bike Pure

Bike Pure ( is an independent not for profit organisation registered in Australia, promoting honest ethical cycle sport. We are strongly opposed to doping and stand together in a united position to begin a new era for cycle sport. Bike Pure has become an independent voice for honest, ethical cycling on a global scale, sending a powerful message that you don’t have to resort to taking illegal performance enhancing drugs to compete in cycle sport.

Project Type: Web Development
Client: Bike Pure
Supported From: August 2010
Technologies Used: WordPress & Magento

Initially IPS involvement with Bike Pure was on a consulting basis, designing some of the email templates that were sent out every month, upon seeing the quality of the design work, Andy the CEO of Bike Pure asked us to design a shopping cart site. Various options were discussed and we proceeded down the Magento platform route. The store is a huge success and is the primary source of funding for Bike Pure projects.